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Put the objects of our solar system on your fingertips with Touch the Solar System, a digital book written and designed by Noreen Grice and Dr. Heidi Hammel.

Produced in collaboration with Touch Graphics Inc., Touch the Solar System is a digital book that is optimized for the T3 (Talking Tactile Tablet). Each tactile page contains a tactile image, tactile texture key and an informational QR code that is operated by the T3. Learners actively interact with each tactile image by placing that page on the T3 and touching the tactile areas to reveal layers of narration about that object. The accompanying solar system text is presented as speech and simultaneously displayed visually on the T3, making this multi-sensory product accessible to both non-visual and sighted learners.

On the left side of this photo is a picture of the Touch the Solar System 3-ring-binder that holds the tactile images for this book. The white binder has an orange and yellow printed picture of the Sun with
sunspots. Above the Sun picture are the words, T3 Solar System and below the Sun picture are the words, 16 Tactile Overlays. To the right of the binder is one of the colorful tactile images from Touch the Solar System; a size comparison of the planets.

Each solar system tactile image is designed for learners to feel the size, scale and features of different objects of our solar system. These tactile images inspire continued learning!

Touch the Solar System for the T3 (Talking Tactile Tablet) serves:

TEACHERS and SCHOOL DISTRICTS: who want to enhance the learning journey of their students.

PARENTS: who want to empower their children by reinforcing STEM concepts.

MUSEUMS, PLANETARIUMS and OBSERVATORIES: who want to offer their visitors a unique hands-on learning resource and inspire their continued interest in STEM.

This photo shows all 16 tactile images from Touch the Solar System,arranged at different angles and on top of each other. Only one colorfultactile image on the top is completely visible; 
a size comparison of the planets.

Touch the Solar System digital book for the T3 (Talking Tactile Tablet) contains these 16 tactile images:

TSS-1: Scaled Distance of Planet Orbits
TSS-2: Scaled Diameter Comparison of the Planets
TSS-3: The Sun with Sunspots
TSS-4: Mercury
TSS-5: Venus
TSS-6: Earth
TSS-7: Earth’s Moon
TSS-8: Mars
TSS-9: Asteroid Belt
TSS-10: Jupiter
TSS-11: Saturn
TSS-12: Uranus
TSS-13: Neptune
TSS-14: Pluto
TSS-15: Kuiper Belt
TSS-16: Comet

Note: The tactile images from Touch the Solar System can be used as a stand-alone product without the T3 (talking tactile tablet); however, users will not have access to the touch screen interaction and accompanying narration for each image.


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